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3 Easy Steps to Boring

Many people can related to " Life in Eight Easy Steps ". Wake up Drink coffee Drive to Work Work Drive Home Watch TV Go to Bed Repeat steps 1-7 until death occurs. We all have a glass chicken coop we live in called a "comfort zone". Life is comfortable in the comfort zone. Life is nice in the comfort zone. Life is also boring in the comfort zone. Thanks to my chosen vocation, I have become an expert on boring. Some people are the life of the party, I am the death of the party. For an unfun time, try this at the next party you attend: When someone asks what you do, answer "computer programmer". The eyes go vacant, the smile leaves the face and the tumbleweeds roll through the mind. Instant boredom. As an expert on boredom, I will now present to you my 3 step no-fail process for boring. The 3 steps are: Lack of Vision, Fear, and Procrastination. Lack of Vision Disney's Jungle Book is a great movie, one I have liked since childhood. There is