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All Pro Dad: 5 Amazingly Easy Romantic Ideas

If you are not familiar with All Pro Dad you will want to take a look.  It is a very supportive site for fathers and husbands.  They have a daily play of the day email.  Today's was 5 easy romantic ideas: Slip a little love note into her wallet.  Put a $5 Starbucks gift card on the front seat of her car. Plan an evening for watching your wedding video. While you are both out, have a friend deliver a gourmet dinner to your home.   Put a Post-It Note on the mirror with 3 things you love about her. One of the things that will make your sweetie feel loved is evidence that you are thinking of them even when you are not together.  Leaving little things to find (tips 1, 2, 5) , planning a surprise (tip 4) and planning an evening doing what they want to do (tip 3) will all go along way to keeping the romance alive What are some simple things you have done for your sweetie?