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The Sound of Romance

I subscribe to All-Pro Dad and an article on the Sound of Romance came the other day and it is worth sharing: "How's this for romancing your wife... do you have a song that you specifically remember her by? It could be a song that was playing when you first saw her or the song you two first danced to. There's no doubt that music plays a special role in all of our lives and this is especially true in our marriages. So why not purchase the song online, download it and play it for her tonight... perhaps even invite her for a dance. What a wonderful way to let her know how special she is to you." Music has such a powerful way of touching the soul that simple words can't. It speaks to the emotions rather than to the reason. Related Articles: The Importance of Smiling Weekly Date Night Tell Her About It Break the Routine

How to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage Video -

I came across this video with a bunch of ideas for keeping the flame burning. Check it out: Marriage Romance - How to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage Video - : "Sometimes even the most passionate relationships can feel like they're losing heat, but with just a little bit of rekindling, you'll have those flames burnin' once again. Learn simple ways you can add more romance to your marriage." Related articles: How about a foot rub Preparing to be spontaneous Opening the door A month of dates for married couples

Sweet Deal: Free Root Beer Float at A&W on June 19, 2009

A&W Restaurants are celebrating 90 years by giving away free root beer floats. Take your sweetie on a date this Friday for free. Maybe bring the kids for a family night. Krispy Kreme also gives away free doughnuts to kids with A's on their report cards. This varies by location so give them a call to find out for sure. Doughnuts and root beer floats, what could be better?