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Catch a falling star on Saturday Morning.

Did you see the lunar eclipse a couple of days ago? There is already another celestial event in the works. 2007 Aurigids - The Aurigid Meteor Shower Observing Campaign : "This very rare shower will occur again on 1 September 2007. A brief shower of tens of meteors will radiate from the constellation of Auriga, many as bright as the brighter stars in the sky. The Earth will be in the thick of it during the one hour centered on 04:33 a.m. PDT. The shower will be visible by the naked eye from locations in the western United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, from Mexico, and from the western provinces of Canada." Get up early with your sweetie and go see if you can catch a falling star. Here are some viewing tips: Best viewing is in high altitude locations, where scattered moonlight does not brighten the night sky. Watch towards the East and NorthEast. Check out the 2007 Aurigids website for more info.

Send an eCard

Vintage Christmas Cards Originally uploaded by Picnic by Ellie As a married couple we spend a lot of time apart. My wife and I really only see each other after work and then it is a lot of running around. There isn't much time left for romance. Here is an idea of how to have a romantic moment even when you are not in the same location. Send an eCard. An eCard is an email you send that has an electronic greeting card. They are often animated and have music to go along with the message. You pick the card you want, the email address of the recipient and then enter a personal message. These are fun for all sorts of occasions or just because to say "Thinking of you". Here is a sample card I sent from the Hallmark website . There are lots of free ones as well as premium ones. Some of them even let you add your own photo to personalize the card even more. Take a few moments and let your sweetheart know that even though you aren't not together at this moment,

Crossing Thresholds and Becoming Equal Partners

A friend sent me a link to an article on become equal partners in marriage: - Ensign Article - Crossing Thresholds and Becoming Equal Partners From the article: After a lifetime of practice and patience together, what will your last earthly threshold look like? Will it look and feel something like that of John and Therissa Clark? In 1921 John Haslem Clark of Manti, Utah, wrote what became his last journal entry: “The folks have been here today, but have gone to their homes. The clatter of racing feet, the laughter and babble of tongues have ceased. We are alone, We two. We two whom destiny has made one. Long ago, it has been sixty years since we met under the June trees. I kissed you first. How shy and afraid was your girlhood. Not any woman on earth or in heaven could be to me what you are. I would rather you were here, woman, with your gray hair, than any fresh blossom of youth. Where you are is home. Where you are not is homesickness. As I look at you I realize that there i

Data Idea: Watch some of the best films ever made together

Some movies are good, some are great and some are best of breed. Over at the Films considered the greatest ever you will find a list of the all time best movies ever made. Of course Citizen Kane tops the list, yet there are many others to choose from. I have created an Amazon store for these films. Some of the ones mentioned that I have really enjoyed: Ben-Hur Casablanca Star Wars Seven Samurai What's Opera, Doc? Some Like It Hot Lawrence of Arabia Singin' in the Rain The Searchers Of course there are many others including lots of foreign films like Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) Please note, that while not on the official list of best movies ever made, The Princess Bride was voted the most romantic movie ever made by my readers. So pick a great movie, pop some popcorn, snuggle on the couch and enjoy some great entertainment.