Catch a falling star on Saturday Morning.

Did you see the lunar eclipse a couple of days ago? There is already another celestial event in the works.

2007 Aurigids - The Aurigid Meteor Shower Observing Campaign: "This very rare shower will occur again on 1 September 2007. A brief shower of tens of meteors will radiate from the constellation of Auriga, many as bright as the brighter stars in the sky. The Earth will be in the thick of it during the one hour centered on 04:33 a.m. PDT. The shower will be visible by the naked eye from locations in the western United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, from Mexico, and from the western provinces of Canada."

Get up early with your sweetie and go see if you can catch a falling star.

Here are some viewing tips:
Best viewing is in high altitude locations, where scattered moonlight does not brighten the night sky. Watch towards the East and NorthEast.
Check out the 2007 Aurigids website for more info.


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