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Don't stop flirting with each other

Don't stop flirting with each other Ferocious Flirting: Making Marriage Wonderful  is published by the Cleverly Group and is available for order on Amazon.  This book takes a positive approach to marriage as a lifelong relationship should be fun. The book has been grouped into sections to make the ideas really stand out.  Sections include: Continue Courting Gifts and Surprises Date Ideas Valentines and other Holidays Family In addition, each section has an illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley. Ferocious Flirting makes a great wedding present that can be enjoyed throughout the couple's marriage.  It makes a nice surprise for a couple with an Amazon Gift registry.


Lots of open questions. / Massor av öppna frågor (8/365) , a photo by Mattes Svart Photography on Flickr. The other day my wife and I decided to play Monopoly which is something we have not done in a long time.  It is of those games we used to play as kids, especially on New Year's Eve when you have a long time to kill.  The game started out fun as we enjoyed spending the time together in some friendly competition.  Then as the game wore on, it became less fun.  Eventually, it became obvious that I was going to win but that it was still going to be some time.  Soon the inevitability of the outcome overcame the funness and we called the game. Monopoly is a competitive game in which all the players try to win by beating the other players.  Those sorts of games are very fun and are very common.  However, there is a different sort of game available, a cooperative game.  In these games, all the players work together to reach a common goal.  Some examples of cooperative games inc

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to spoil your sweetie. Try and think of something she would really enjoy. How about a note or even a video with the kids expressing their love and appreciation for all she does? For some other out of the ordinary gifts consider: Give her what she really wants this Mother's Day. Send her the gift of relaxation - a PajamaGram. Personalized Gifts for Mom Mother's Day Top 10 from Things Remembered Day Spa Gift Certificate Offer

Sweet Deal: 10% off coupon at PajamaGram

Spoil your mom or wife for Mother's Day. Send a PajamaGram! Just in time for Mother's Day or Easter, PajamaGram has a coupon code now through April 27, 2007 good for 10% off everything. Hundreds of sleepwear styles delivered in a beautiful hatbox. Enter Coupon Code: pptr10d

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

  Don't Forget. Same Day Delivery Valentine's Day Flowers at Need a special gift? Consider a Spa Finder Gift Certificate, now with Instant Printable Gift Cards!   Vermont Teddy Bear will save your butt this Valentine's Day. Order by 10:00 PM on the 13th for Valentine's Day delivery.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Top Ten for 2007

Over the last couple of years there have been many great posts with unique Valentine's Day gift ideas. If you are looking for traditional gifts like cards, jewelry , flowers and chocolates there are other places to find that kind of stuff . Top 10 Valentine's Gifts from Things Remembered The following list contains the other gifts, gifts that are unusual, mostly inexpensive and a lot of fun. 10 Valentine's Day Anti-Gift Humor is such an important part of romance. Most Valentine's Day gifts are not designed to make the recipient laugh. That makes an anti-gift that much more effective this time of year 9 Singing Telegram Twice I have surprised my sweetheart with a singing telegram on Valentine's Day. It has been one of the most memorable gifts she has ever received. 8 Write a love letter Instead of store-bought, try hand made. Your sweetheart will love knowing that you took the time and effort to write a love letter. 7 Personalized Kisses Also works with fort

Sweet Deal for Valentine's Day: My Princess Pearls

My wife really likes the pearls she has gotten from My Princess Pearls . The nice thing is that are having a sale for Valentine's Day. Not only that, but the company is setup to benefit the people who need it most. From the site: Dedicated to changing lives by importing handcrafted genuine pearl jewelry from Southeast Asia. Every purchase from My Princess Pearls helps feed, educate, clothe, and create jobs for disadvantaged families in Southeast Asia. Each piece is crafted with genuine pearl jewelry is hand crafted by highly trained women using salt and freshwater pearls from all over the world. The grade A lustrous pearls are available in 7 natural colors: white, black, gray, pink, peach, peacock, bronze and 6 natural shapes: biwa, siapao, round, rice, baroque, and button. The original designs are available in styles perfect for every occasion from infant bracelets to career wear. Click here for our story! The sale includes Single Strand Pearl Chandelier Necklace with Brace

Sweet Deal: Free Printable Valentine's Day Love Coupons

Over in the Romantic Gifts and Products link, you can buy a set of I Love You coupons . Today I have found some free love coupons, just in time for Valentine's Day. Riti's Printable Valentine's Day Coupons All Free Printables - Valentine's Day Coupons BlackDog's Valentine Love Coupons Free printable love coupons from the craft cafe Valentine Coupons from the Activity Village Free Printable Valentine Love Coupons Marvelicious Valentine's Day Love Coupons More If you know of any others, please add them in the comments.