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Sweet Deal for Valentine's Day: My Princess Pearls

My wife really likes the pearls she has gotten from My Princess Pearls . The nice thing is that are having a sale for Valentine's Day. Not only that, but the company is setup to benefit the people who need it most. From the site: Dedicated to changing lives by importing handcrafted genuine pearl jewelry from Southeast Asia. Every purchase from My Princess Pearls helps feed, educate, clothe, and create jobs for disadvantaged families in Southeast Asia. Each piece is crafted with genuine pearl jewelry is hand crafted by highly trained women using salt and freshwater pearls from all over the world. The grade A lustrous pearls are available in 7 natural colors: white, black, gray, pink, peach, peacock, bronze and 6 natural shapes: biwa, siapao, round, rice, baroque, and button. The original designs are available in styles perfect for every occasion from infant bracelets to career wear. Click here for our story! The sale includes Single Strand Pearl Chandelier Necklace with Brace