Don't stop flirting with each other

Don't stop flirting with each other Ferocious Flirting: Making Marriage Wonderful  is published by the Cleverly Group and is available for order on Amazon.  This book takes a positive approach to marriage as a lifelong relationship should be fun. The book has been grouped into sections to make the ideas really stand out.  Sections include: Continue Courting Gifts and Surprises Date Ideas Valentines and other Holidays Family In addition, each section has an illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley. Ferocious Flirting makes a great wedding present that can be enjoyed throughout the couple's marriage.  It makes a nice surprise for a couple with an Amazon Gift registry.

Flirting in front of the kids

Kids need to know parents love each other I came across an article " 5 Reasons Parents Should Flirt In Front of The Kids " and it reminded me of some thing that happened the other day. Our toddler grandson has learned to give hugs and kisses.  My wife and I were standing together letting him give each of us a hug or kiss in turn.  He then reached out and pushed our heads together so we would kiss each other.  We smiled and obliged him, bringing a smile to his cute face. Even a toddler knows what love and being loved feels like.  As kids grow, having parents who show affection will give them a greater sense of security and confidence. It is so easy to let the little things go with all the concerns and stresses of family life.  But it is by small and simple means that great things are brought to pass.  Don't forget flirt with each other.

Why dating is important in marriage

Dating is important in marriage I ran across this page and video  why dating is important in marriage  and it reminded me of how important dating is in a marriage. Dating is how you got to know each other and fall in love.  Dating is how you will continue to stay in contact and keep falling in love. Dating in marriage is different than single dating.  It is about shared experiences and time spent together.  It is not about spending money. What are some of your favorite things you have done as a couple? Similar topics: Passion 2 Steps to Keeping it Interesting

Bible Thought - Proverbs 15:1

Answer Proverbs 15:1— “A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.” The way we talk is at least as important as what we say. See Also: 8 Essential Marriage Tips from the Scriptures Wisdom from Grandpa Points to Ponder

Nurture a marriage

In a recent quote : 白鷺呵寶 Nurturing Parents Marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other human relationship. Yet some married couples fall short of their full potential. They let their romance become rusty, take each other for granted, allow other interests or clouds of neglect to obscure the vision of what their marriage really could be. Marriages would be happier if nurtured more carefully. Marriage, indeed any human relationship, is like a garden.  In order to thrive it must be nurtured.  There must be time spent caring for both the garden and the marriage. Time should be applied consistently and generous amounts. See also: The Law of the Harvest Expressing Thankfulness and Appreciation Kind Words

Ban on Technology in the Bedroom

The Need for Protecting Your iPad Daniel Craig is quoted over at The Telegraph as saying "There’s nothing technological allowed in the bedroom.  ... Fighting against technological devices taking over one’s life “is a good fight to have, as far as I’m concerned,” A good, strong, happy marriage is all about communication.  Ironically, the very devices we use for communication with people all around the world are at the same time roadblocks to face to face communication.  Really listening requires giving full attention to the conversation.  It is difficult to have a meaningful conversation fighting the headphones or video display.  Go beyond just talking it is vital to hear not just what is being said but how it is being said; the subtle inflection of the voice and the ever important body language are easy to miss with distractions.  For many couples the bedroom is where they have the privacy and the time to have the important conversations.  Make the bedroom a refu

Video: Keeping romance alive

Sometimes even the most passionate relationships can feel like they're losing heat, but with just a little bit of rekindling, you'll have those flames burnin' once again. Learn simple ways you can add more romance to your marriage.  Watch the Video.