April Fools Day

Ok, most of us think of Valentines when we think of romantic holidays. But April Fools day can also be romantic, with just a little thought. The essence of April Fools is to surprise your sweetie. Instead of pulling a practical joke, pull an indirection instead.

A couple of ideas:
  • Remove the light bulb from the bedroom and call sweetie back to fix it. Use your imagination of what to do in the dark.
  • Bring take out dinner home and put it in the oven. Tell sweetie you slaved all day making their favorite. Bring out the dinner, still in the take out boxes.
  • Tell sweetie the power is out and have a cold dinner by candlelight.
  • A romantic gag gift
  • Get a romantic card or a suggestive card and write April Fools on the envelope and put "Since we have some time alone, let have lunch at ________" on the inside of the card. Drive somewhere within walking distance of nice restaurant. Call sweetie and say the car broke down and that you need a ride. Make sure sweetie finds the card. Have lunch.
    • If you are home during the day and sweetie can get away from work, have the mock emergency at home.
Turn the practical joke into a romantic gesture.


For a list of the day's pranks, see Wikipedia Pranks Page

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