Father's Day Shopping

This year Father's Day and my birthday fall within a few weeks of each other. I guess they always do, funny how that works out. Anyway, my sweetie has started asking "what do you want for Father's Day and your birthday?" My standard answer has been either "nothing" or "I've already got what I want" and give her a big kiss.

The real problem has been that I never remember what it is I want. So this year I have been keeping notes. There are a couple of ways of keeping notes.
  • On a piece of paper. Old fashioned, but it still works. When you think of something you want, just find your paper and write it down.
  • In a PDA. This is a bit more convienent if you already have one you carry with you.
  • Camera phone. When you see something you like, email yourself a picture of it and keep it in a special folder or ...
  • Use Amazon's Wish List. I like this one because then I can easily share it with anyone.
When people ask what you want, they really want to know. Give them some choices. Maybe they won't get you exactly what you wanted, but it still might give them some good ideas of what sorts of things you are interested in. Remember that people change and what a person wants may change over time.

The other thing I want is to have people help me get a free ipod.


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