Loose Lips Sink Ships

Every so often we hear the phrase that loose lips sink ships. The phrase was used as the name of a poster campaign during World War II to emphasize national security. The message was that idle talk could endanger the soldiers fighting in the war. Of course, both sides were trying to gather information in order the defeat the other. Since you never really know who might hear a conversation, it was safer not to talk about anything to do with the military.

Of course, the basic problem was one of trust. Maybe you trust your friend, but not the person overhearing the conversation. Besides, some people just don't know how to keep secrets either. They mean no harm but don't stop to look at the consequences of their idle talk.

In a marriage, trust is so important. We need to feel that we can share deeply personal feelings, ideas and problems with our sweetheart. Likewise, your sweetie should trust you to listen as well. It is so important to hold these confidences between just the two of you. Just as loose talk can sink a ship, so can loose talk strain a marriage.

It can be very hurtful to have a confidence betrayed. Let your sweetheart know how much they mean to you by not sharing the intimate details of your life together.


Anonymous said…
that is awesome. i have been truely blessed with a hubby i can truely trust. i've never had to worry about trust with him. i hope that he feels the same way about me, lol.

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