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Christmas is coming, consider yourself warned. And yes, that radio station has been playing Christmas carols since Halloween. What are you going to get for your sweetheart this year?Make a Note of It talks about the importance of keeping a list of those things your sweetie has been wanting. There are a couple of online places to keep track of such lists.

Amazon has a Wish List. It allows you to keep a list of all items available on Amazon. Of course, they are also make it easy to buy those items from Amazon.

Froogle also has a Wish List feature. Like the Amazon list, it allows you to create a list of products you are interested in. The Froogle list seems easier to share than Amazon's. Also, since it isn't pegged to a single supplier, it shows a price comparison of the product from various shops, which I like.

This Wish Lists can work two ways. First, you maintain a list of things you thing your sweetie is interested in. Second, your sweetheart creates a list and shares it with you. That way you can remove some of the stress of Christmas shopping.


Zan said…
Great ideas! Thanks :)

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