Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here's my homework

I tagged myself with this meme:

* Where did you go on your very first date? What did you do?
My very first date was a dance called the morp (prom spelled backwards). I asked her out with a bouquet of weeds.

* Where did you go on your first date with your sweetie? What did you do?
We never really dated, just hung out as friends. I guess the time I came back in town early and went and hid at her place so know one would know I was back would be our first "date".

* At what age did you start dating?
17 as a senior in high school

* How long did you and your sweetheart date before getting married?
We never really dated but we did things socially for several months.

* When did you know you were going to get married?
This is terrible, but I don't remember. It just made sense.

* What was the best date you ever went on?
For our anniversary, when we were in Austin, we had dinner on a gondola on the lake. That was loads of fun.

* What was the worst date ever?
I had asked a gal to the ballet and she didn't show up. So I left the ticket with the flowers I had bought at her place. I spent the evening being the third wheel to my friend and his date.

* What would you like to do on a date that you have never done before?
I think maybe an evening at the beach, maybe in Hawaii


Romancing Simplicity said...

That's really interesting that you and your wife never really dated, just hung out. Also, the gondola on the lake idea sounds amazing. I've always wanted to ride in a gondola but never had the opportunity...

Matthew O. Smith said...

Romancing -

Great to hear back from you.

Its really true. We did a lot of group things together, but never really did anything just the two of us until when I came back from vacation and hid out at her place. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was how we headed down the path to matrimony.

The gondola ride was awesome. It was our 5th anniversary that we celebrated 6 months late. Teh gondola was motorized, but still a lot of fun. Dinner was a bit cold though.