Romantic Tips for Married Couples: The Book

You may wonder why its been so long since my last post. I will tell you. As noted earlier, there have been over 250 posting to Romantic Tips for Married Couples. As much as I have enjoyed writing these tips for both husbands and wives, a website leaves a few things to be desired. The most obvious is it ties you to the computer and to the Internet. The information isn't available everywhere, you have to access it from the computer which is tied to the Internet. Believe it or not, not everyone lives on the Internet.

About this time, I decided to do something special for my sweetie's birthday. My sweetheart loves gifts that are not just store bought. She likes gifts that have some personal investment involved. As I thought about it, I realized I had invested almost 10 years studying and 2 years writing about romance within marriage and had learned quite a bit on the subject. With the help of a friend, I pulled the postings from this site into a real, printed on paper, book. This book is dedicated to my sweetie and the preface is written to her explaining the origin of the book and how I feel about her.

Don't get me wrong, I love having the website. A book does not allow for as much feedback as the website. Also, a book is static. Once written, that is all there is. The website continues to grow and expand over time. The website compliments the book by giving additional ideas not found in the book. The book expands the role of the website by providing this information outside the cyber world and giving it a physical manifestation in the real world.

The book itself is about 6 inches by 9 inches and over 125 pages in length. The table contents lists each article and well as the date that it was printed. The posting date proved to be an interesting aspect of printing the book. Some of the posting assumed some sort of time frame like Christmas time, or Valentine's Day, or some other day of the year. This assumption didn't translate will into print. The next printing of the book will probably better address that issue.

This first printing of the book was a short run. There were only 25 copies. Of those first 25, less than 10 remain. If you wish to get a copy of this book, email me at They would make a great gift for newlyweds.

The cost will be $9.95 plus shipping. As stated above, there are only a few left. Once these are gone, you will have to wait for the next printing. This price will probably also go up with subsequent printings.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments.

UPDATE: Bad news: the first printing is all gone. Good news: The books is now available on Amazon for $14.95. It has been renamed, updated, reorganized and some fun illustrations were added.


Check out and for on demand printing. They only print them up as people want to order them. If you've already got an ISBN all the better, but for a small fee lulu will get you set up with one which is what I eventually want to do. I'm currently slogging through my index...not a fun project. Good luck.
Thanks lady. However, the place I am having it done is chaging me less per book on the short runs. Also, with BookSurge I can do the same thing and have it listed on Amazon as well.

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