Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reader Poll: Most Romantic Film Ever

Here is a simple readers poll. To participate, post your comments in the comments. Simple, no? I'll recap the results in a later posting.

Today's poll question: What is the most romantic film ever?

A romantic film has to appeal to both husband and wife. No chick-flick or Rambo movies. Well, unless your hubby likes chick-flicks. I don't.

Also, it needs to be PG or better. No R, X, M, NC-17, or "not-rated because the rating board couldn't stand to watch" films. This is a family site and will remain so.

Ok, here are my candidates:
* Princess Bride
* Casablanca
* Legend of Zorro.

I think "Princess Bride" wins. It has everything, even kissing, but only at the end.


Anonymous said...

You definitely have my vote towards Princess Bride. I must have watched that a dozen times growing up and still know a lot of the lines by heart!

Omni said...

"Robin Hood"... the REAL "Robin Hood," with Errol Flynn.

Matthew O. Smith said...

My sweetie want to include
Ever After
A Walk in the Clouds

Riss said...

The Legend of Zorro? Hee.

La Chou said...

Princess Bride is amazing...no matter how many times I watch it...I still love it!

Anonymous said...

When Harry met Sally has my vote. I laughed all the way until I cried.