What is the point of Valentine's Day anyway?

Valentine's Day was never the same.
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Valentine's Day has come and gone. The flowers are wilted, the chocolate is eaten, the cards are stored and the jewelry is locked safely away. The day of love is passed.

"What is the point?" A coworker asked me. We were observing the people, mostly guys, get the traditional Valentine's Day gifts, at mostly inflated prices. Is showing affection a once a year event? Can't we show affection all year long?

The answer is yes, your sweetheart needs love, attention, affection and appreciation all year long. None of those things needs to cost money or even a lot of time. A simple card, a smile, a compliment, a small surprise, or just holding hands cost neither time nor money.

When making a chain, it is not one large piece of metal, but a lot of little pieces joined together, one at at time that creates a strong and durable chain. Likewise, a single grand act does not forge a lasting bond of love. Love is forged a link at a time by small simple acts perfomed often.

What then is Valentine's Day? Think of it as a gem in a necklace. One extra special link in a long chain of links that forms a bond to last to eternity.


Anonymous said…
That is so sweet! Awww! I couldn't agree more.
Thanks Mindie, that is very nice of you to say.

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