Getting the bugs out of your marriage: Verbal Terminosis


The termination of open and honest communication between you and your spouse

CAUTION: Highly contagious, should be treated at fist sign of infection

- Tendency to watch for double meanings in spouse's statements
- You and your spouse both complain of being misunderstood
- Increasing difficulty in verbally expressing your feelings.
- Loss of intimate gestures, eye contact and private jokes only the two of you can understand.
- Increasing difficulty in finding something to discuss with your spouse.

- Difficulty having a conversation that does not end in an argument
- Long silences
- Cannot relax with your spouse ... conversation is stilted and repetitive

- Have two 1-hours conversation per week without interruptions
- Avoid accusations or defensive statements
- Allow equals uninterrupted expression of thoughts and feelings
- Exercise understaing acceptance and empathy


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