Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween is a fun time of year. Even the adults get to pretend to be something or someone else for a little while. Here are some ideas for both husband and wife to go as a couple. Some are free and others are costumes you buy.

First, Shrek and Fiona:

Costumes at Walmart


Other Halloween Costume Ideas


Anonymous said…
Another tip for Married Couples:

Romantic Gift on the Sand

A romantic gift for your wife or husband.

I found this romantic and original gift in Internet. Could be a good idea for St. Valentine a Birthday or Christmas.


This site write your love or congratulation messages on the sand in one of the most romantic places of the Mediterranean Sea.

After this they take a picture of your message on the beach and send to you or directly to the person who do you want to surprise.

It's very nice!!

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