Romantic Welcome Home Ideas, Introduction

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Every so often it is fun to see what searches bring people to this site. The 10 most common are:
* romantic tips
* printable love coupons
* married couples
* free printable love coupons
* hobbies for couples
* romantic bible verses
* foot rub
* romantic idea married people
* shmily
* bible verses for couples
Most of these are not that surprising, although I admit I did not expect to see the "printable love coupons" show up so much. As I look further down the list, other, less obvious search terms appear. These are things like "the 10 cow wife", "an old farmers advice", and "water heater basement flood". A group of these less common ones impressed me because while it is a subject I have written about several times, never have I really pulled it together. The subject is "Romantic Welcome Home Ideas" and people found this site by searching for things like:
* Romantic Welcome Home Ideas
* welcome home surprise party
* sweet way to welcome spouse home

Now, in three parts, how to welcome a spouse home in a romantic way. The three areas to be covered are Decompress and Destress, Attract the Senses and Be a Friend. I firmly believe that one of the most important times of the day is when husband and wife greet each other after work. Those few moments set the tenor of the rest of the evening.


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