Holiday Gift Buying that Makes a Difference

The holiday buying season is coming up. We all want to give gifts with meaning. This year, consider a gift that is not only very nice, but also benefits those less fortunate. As I mention in my other blog, there are some companies dedicated to helping people rather than exploiting them. One of these is called My Princess Pearls. Not only do they pay a decent wage, they also collect donations to be sent to help the families further.

From their website:

The Mission of My Princess Pearls is to improve the living conditions in third world countries while helping women accessorize their wardrobes with Genuine Handmade Jewelry at amazingly affordable prices.

Our genuine pearl jewelry comes directly from Asian women who have been trained in the jewelry making process by our source . Now, previous non-income earners are able to sustain their families. By offering unique financial opportunities to Independent Distributors worldwide, we continue our goal of improving the standard of living across the globe.


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