Weeding makes me philosophical.  Maybe it is that so many parables are have their root in working the land.  Maybe it is the undistracted quiet or maybe there is just something deeper about getting my hands dirty. 

I have a flower bed that has a lot of grass in it that I have to keep pulling out.  Early in the spring I can attack the grass with gusto.  As the flowers grow in I have to be more careful and take more time in order to pull the grass without harming the flower plants.  If I fail to weed at first, the rest of the summer becomes much harder.

Weeding is like removing those little problems that happen during a marriage.  First, if you take care of them early on before they can really get a root, they are much easier to address.  Second, leaving them to grow often leads to more problems that are harder to extract.

What are the weeds in a marriage?  The might be the little disagreements that grow into fuming arguments.  Another might be a hurt feeling that festers into a grudge.  Ignoring important decisions can lead to problems with finances.  As with weeds, each of these issues are much more easily resolved if addressed sooner rather than later.

Take a look at your garden and see if there might be a couple of weeds you can pull to make it look better and be stronger.


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