Most everyone loves s'mores. What's not to love with the ooey gooey
crunchy chocolatey delicacy? Mostly, s'mores are done over a camp
fire in the great outdoors. So the smell of the smoke and forest with
the sounds of the fire crackling add to the ever all enjoyment of
these treats. Even if you are not camping, there are several ways to
enjoy them at home.


Place a graham cracker on a flat micro-wave safe plate. Then place
the chocolate on top of it. Finally, place the marshmallow on the
chocolate. Place the plate in the microwave and nuke. WATCH IT
CAREFULLY!! It only takes 13 seconds in my microwave at home. The
marshmallow will expand like a balloon. Take it out, put the graham
cracker on top and share. For added ambience, get one of those
scented candles that smells outdoorsy and light it. Maybe even one of
those "sounds of wildlife" and a fireplace screen saver.


S'mores of charcoal briquettes can be a lot of fun. First, it takes
some time to get them going so it can be a great way to just sit,
relax and enjoy some time together. Then, with the controlled heat of
the briquettes, its easier to make the "perfect" marshmallow. Instead
of cooking your own marshmallow, cook one for each other and try to
make them "perfect". Then make a great show of enjoying it.


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