Take Time to Smile

Often, with the stress of work, we come home less than cheerful.
Also, with the stress of chores, kids, school, soccer, piano, etc.
etc. etc., our sweetie is also feeling run down by evening. With all
the demands on our time and so many things that need out attention,
the nightly greeting between sweethearts can lack warmth. Think about
it: You two have spent most of the day apart. With sleep, work,
school, sports, and all the other things that happen in a standard
day, its very easy to let the whole day pass without a single warm
smile or flirtatious touch.

Make the time that you and your sweetie meet after being apart all day
a time to smile. First, perpare yourself. If it has been a
stressful day, use the last few minutes before you see your sweetie,
to start thinking happy thoughts. Maybe remember a happy time you
spent with your sweetie.

Now, meeting your sweetheart. Let the first thing your sweethearts
sees is a big happy smile. If its been a while since you smiled, they
might wonder what you are up to. This is ok, just smile wider and
maybe even chuckle. Then say something silly like "I was just
thinking of how wonderful it is to be married to the most gorgeous
babe on the planet " or
"I was just thinking of how jealous all the other girls are that I
allowed you to catch me" or some other outragous flirt you can come up

Ten seconds spent smiling and flirting can make the whole evening
less stressful and more enjoyable for the whole family.


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