Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Create your own holiday

Days off work are precious things. We only get so few a year that we
often hoard them. To completely surprise your sweetie, take a day off
work just to spend together. You need not have any special plans,
just spending a day together can convert the most mundane chores to
into quality us time.

Of course, if you can do something to get away for a few hours, that
would be great to.

Sometimes the kids get a day off from school. For a special family
time, take one of those days off and enjoy the day with the kids as

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Anonymous said...

This type worked for my wife and I just recently. I created a special holiday on November 4th of this year called "Katie Day".

On this day I decorated the house with the dining room as our picnic area, the living room as a dance area, the bathroom as the bathing area, and the bedroom as the massage area. This day is all about Katie and not about making love. This day was a perfect way to WOOW my wife back into romance.

Thank you,