Unexpected Opportunity

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Usually my sweetie and I don't spend any time together in the morning. She gets up to go excercise and I am gone to work before she gets back. She says good bye as she leaves. Its not a problem as neither of us are morning people anyway.

However, we had an unexpected opportunity to spend some time together. It was a rare treat for us both. I drive in a carpool but had to drive alone today. I decided to sleep in a little bit since I had to drive myself. My sweetie got up and left as usual. A few minutes later she returned. Her walking partner wasn't able to go with her.

"Wanna go for a walk with me?"

"It will take me a couple of minutes to get ready."

"I'll wait."

We ended up walking for quite a while and then eating breakfast together, all because my sweetheart saw an unexpected opportunity and asked me to join her.

OK, I had planned on catching up on some sleep. But walking in the cool air of the morning andconversing uninterrupted with my best friend were much better than being lazy in bed for a few extra minutes.

When plans fall through, maybe is not a bad thing. It might just be an unexpected opportunity.


Anonymous said…
my husband is an early morning person, sometimes on weekends I'll drag myself up at 6:30 just because he's home. of course, you got breakfast in the deal, which is great!
Lynda said…
That is so sweet. I like how you called your sweetie your best friend. My husband and I are best friends too. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Anonymous said…
Wish I had a more romantic partner....sigh
Anonymous said…
There are so few good men out there. And life just has a way of happening things....

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