Gift Idea: Your Story

Although it is marketed as a children's product, the IlluStory Book Kit can make a great romantic gift for your sweetie. The book is short only allows for about 20 words per page. Some of the things you can do are:
  • Make a book about how you met and fell in love.
  • Create a story with your sweetie as the hero. Have your sweetheart do the things they have never been able to do
  • Create a family history album with each page being a different person from your family tree
  • Make each page something you love about your sweetie
  • Make the book together as a short joint auto-biography
  • Use you imagination and create a book unique to you

The kids will love reading this book over and over again. It will be even more fun for them if at least one page includes them. No matter how silly it turns out, this book will become a family favorite.


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