The magic pill

An aphrodisiac is a mythically magic pill that will put the fire back into a realtionship. Although many things are rumored to have this effect, however the most effective aphrodisiac is to remove all the anti-aphrodisiacs in the relationship. A big anti-aphrodisiac is boredom. As a marriage progresses, it naturally finds a routine. It is then easy to move from the routine to the taking each other for granted. Both those tendencies combine together to create boredom and a feeling that your spouse is not grateful.

To avoid boredom, do something to break the routine and express gratitude at the same time. Surprise your sweetheart and let them know how grateful you are for her. This list has many ideas for getting out of the rut. Try holding hands for a start.

Is a single romantic gesture going to be a magic pill? Probably not. But what comes close to the magic pill is generating a sense of closeness and appreciation with your sweetie by not allowing them to feel that they are being taken for granted.


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