Get your sweetie a free iPod

I am working on getting my sweetie a free iPod. A friend of mine found this site where you can get free iPods. I told him, "Talk to me about it when I see the iPod in your hands". To make a long story short, he was able to get one for himself and one for his sweetheart. I tried it and got one for myself. Now I am working on one for my sweetie.

What's the catch? The way it works is you register at the site, then you need to "complete an offer". That means to signup for some online service from the list they give you. I signed up for Real Arcade because it was quite cheap and I could cancel it if I decided I didn't really want to keep the service.

Then, you need 5 people to register under you and do the same. That's it.

From my experience, most people are hesitant at first. But, once they understand that its not a scam, they are happy to give it a try.


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