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After 17 years of marriage, my sweetie has left me, for a few days. She is being a chaperone for the high school band trip. Its a weird feeling not having her here. I travel about once a year to training and whatnot, but she has never been the one to go and leave me home. Its more differenter than I thought it was going to be.

So I've been Mr. Mom for a few days. No big deal. I arranged to work from home and so I can be here for the little critter when they get home from school. We've being having fun.

The point of this posting is this: I want to prepare a little surprise for my sweetheart for when she returns. I have a few ideas, most of which have been posted previously. What I need now is your ideas. What are some romantic ways to welcome home that special sweetie when you've been apart for a few days? Email or post your comments.


Anonymous said…
I was gone for a week and my sweetie gave me 7 roses in 7 different color. When I came home. I found them all over the house or I mean in 7 spots where I would walk throught soon I get through our house front door. Plus there's a matching colored envelope with some note card inside. They basically said "I miss you very very much Darling" Where "I" be on the first envelope, "miss" be on the next envelope and so one! Plus, plus there's total of 7 kids craft work project also sit next to the roses!
Welcome New Tenant..hope you get lots of hits!
Chandira said…
I'd go for something nice and simple like a really nice home-cooked dinner, (with dessert!) if I was her. I love it when my husband cooks dinner! (He's a better cook than I am...)

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