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Consider the wonder of human skin. It conceals our gross looking inwards in a rather attractive covering. When exposed to the sunlight, it produces Vitamin D. Skin also protects the body from damage and disease. It helps to cool the body when hot and warm the body when cold. Another important feature of skin is its ability to communicate: the cheeks flush red when a person is embarassed or excited, pales with ilness or fear, green with sea-sickeness.

More to the point, the skin contains lots of nerve receptors. There are many different kinds of receptors. There are receptors for detecting mechanical stimulation, pain, heat, and location. Just as the types of nerve receptors varies, so does their density in the skin. Certain parts of the skin are more sensitive than others due to a higher number of nerve receptors per square inch. Of special note is that the hands and lips have a higher concentration of pleasure receptors.

Human skin is designed to feel, to touch and be touched. Engaged couples and newlyweds spend a lot of time touching: holding hands, kissing, hugging, tickling, running fingers through hair and so forth. Touching is an important aspect of human courtship and relationships.

Of course, its as important after marriage to touch is it is during courtship. Here some ideas, inc ase you've forgotten:
* running your finger through your sweetie's hair
* a neck and back rub
* kissing
* hugging
* foot and hand massages

Holding hands is a great way to touch and be touched.


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