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Many thanks to those of you who have stayed with during my "break". As I mentioned before, I converted this blog into a book, a blook if you will. The blog book. That took a lot of time and energy away from actually writing the blog.

On top of the book, I have been working a lot of overtime for the past several weeks. Being a "bit miner" or computer programmer, I can work at work and work at home when need be. The project was running late and so I got to work late for several weeks running. Working late night after night means a lot of time away from wife and kids. However, my family was very supportive and understanding. Thanks guy, I love you all.

What are some tricks to keeping romance alive when the amount of time to be together is limited? I have a few thoughts.

First, keep the flame burning bright with lots of affection and communication before the overtime starts. A wife or husband who is feeling loved and appreciated will be more understanding of a temporary lack of affection and communication. A fire that is buring brightly can be easily tended by adding the occasional log. A fire that has died down to glowing embers might be extinguished without constant tending.

Next, continue to give small tokens of affection. There are lots of things that can be done that don't take any time at all. Send a romantic card, buy some flowers for no reason, leave a note and a small candy. Let your sweetie know they are still in your thoughts, even if you aren't able to spend the time together you would like to.

Also, have something to look forward to. Make plans on what you can do after the overtime ends. It might be a get-away or dinner and a movie. Make it something your sweetie will enjoy. Anticipation can be very romantic.

Lastly, make time to communicate. Even though I was working lots and lots of hours, I took some time to spend with my wife and kids. For example. I starting reading Harry Potter to my daughter. It only cost me a few minutes an evening, but it helped my wife and gave my kid a few minutes of "daddy time". Even if you can't spend a lot of time, spend what time you can.

Working overtime or going out of town on business can put a strain on any marriage. Keep your relationship burning brightly by continually adding fuel to the flame.


Rosemary said…
Glad to see all the extra work is over, even though the overtime money is nice. You're certainly right that it can put a strain on everybody, not just the one working so hard.

We're glad to have you as a new member of BLOG VILLAGE, and we're looking forward to being able to vote for you, so as soon as you can, don't forget to put the voting link on your site.


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