Date Idea: Picnics revisited

Picnics are great fun for couples and for families and I'm sure that picnic ideas will find their way into this list later, maybe when it warms up. However, today I wanted to share a great romantic, picnic which one reader shared with me:
Even though we are very happy, I must admit that we have been sometimes broke. A few years ago, my hubby and I found ourselves in just that situation... stuck at home with not enough money to go anywhere special for a nice date. I don't remember who's idea it was, but we ended up deciding to go on a picnic to a nearby park. We made ourselves some tomato soup with a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and packed our basket along with a jug of hot chocolate, and a soft quilt for us to lay on.

I remember that we sat at the top of the play area, and laughed and talked about everything that was going on in our lives. I enjoyed it so much!!! This was by far the best date I've ever had. Did I mention that our date was on a Cold Winter Night? We both had mittens and were super bundled up. The park was covered in a blanket of snow. We were the only ones there and the only light we had was the light of the moon.

Yes, if you ask me what is the best date I've ever been to... I'll definitely have to say the one when we had a picnic on a cold winter night!!!

Thanks Gina


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