Get Sweaty Regularly

The post on swimming mentions that exercise is good for a couple. This post will delve into that idea.

When we exercise, we create endorphins in the brain. Endorphins have many benefits including:
  • More constructive responses to disappointments and failures
  • Decreased overall feelings of stress and tension
  • Increased perceptions of acceptance by others
Add these things up and what do you get? A great way for you and your sweetheart to spend some time together. The endorphins make you feel better about yourself. Then they will make you feel more accepted by your sweetie. Your sweetie, on the other hand will be feeling the same way. You will both feel better about yourself and your sweetheart.

Wait, it gets better. The feelings of stress are diminished and your ability to deal with stress is improved. Also, your problem solving abilities are improved as well.
Marriage and family are stressful. There are a lot of demands on our time and energies. By exercising regularly, you won't reduce those demands, but you will increase your ability to cope with them. The net result is that you will be a better sweetie for your sweetheart.

By setting up a regular exercise date with your sweetie, you can get all these benefits and more. Not to mention all the health benefits of exercise. There is very little you could do that would improve the closeness of your relationship more than exercise. Break a sweat together.


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