Singing Telegram

My sweetie was in the hospital for Valentine's Day one year. Not how one would choose the spend the day most of the time, but those things happen. I also had a friend in a barbershop choir and they were raising money by doing singing telegrams. So he brought a barbershop quartet to my sweetheart's hospital room and sang a couple of songs for her and gave her a rose. Even now, several years later, she still talks about how wonderful it was.

Of course all the nurses stopped to listen and enjoy. The other people on the hospital floor, when they saw my sweetie, told her how nice it was and how lucky she was to have such a thoughtful sweetheart. When I arranged it, never occurred to me how it would affect the other people in the hospital. She just beamed when people told her how sweet I was.

The point of this story is two-fold. First, when presented with an unexpected situation come up with an unexpected way to show your sweetie how much you care. Second, its more memorable if there are others to share in the fun.


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