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Rusty Car in Vermont
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A few years ago, I had a bad day. It was early November and we were all getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Then there was an unexpected company meeting and I found myself unemployed in the middle of an economic slump. Then on my way home from what had been my work, my car died on the side of the freeway.

There I was, standing beside my car on the side of the road, wondering about my car, and concerned about how I was going to take care of my sweetie and kids when I heard a voice. It startled me because I hadn't even noticed the man stop.

There beside me was a perfect stranger. He asked what was wrong and if he could help. Turns out he keeps a full gas can in his car, "just in case". Soon the car was started and I was on my way. I am forever grateful for that small act of kindness.

What the stranger does not know is how that small act affected me and my family. That simple act changed my whole attitude from "woe is me" to "I can overcome this". One person stopping and noticing a stranded stranger made all the difference in the world.

You can make the difference for your sweetheart as well. Perform some unexpected act of service for your sweetie. This is particularly effective in high stress situations. Something as simple as doing the dishes when its not your turn or giving them a break can mean so much more than just the value of the act. It can readjust someone's whole view.

Funny thing is, I never even thought to ask the strangers name.


Kerstin said…
This is a lovely story and I am very happy to have my photo associated with it :) You are right, it is those small - and unexpected - acts of kindness that often have the biggest impacts. Nice website.

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