Valentine, Nebraska - Heartcity USA

Valentine, Nebraska - Heartcity USA: "As the 'Heart City' of America, Valentine is the site from which thousands of Valentine's Day greetings are mailed each year. Visitors and residents alike find that Valentine's Day greetings bearing the Heart City's postmark adds an extra special touch to the annual lover's holiday."

f you would like to send special greetings with the special Valentine postmark, please complete the following.

* Address your card as you would if you were sending the card from your location, stamp and all

* Place those cards into a larger envelope and mail them to:

Cupid's Mailbox
PO Box 201
Valentine, NE 69201.

* To have your cards delivered by February 14th, they need to be delivered to Cupids mailbox by February 5th. All letters received after this date will still receive the cachet but might not be delivered until after Valentine's Day

* The Post Office will start sending out stamped letters on February 5th.


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