Valentine's Idea: Personalized Kisses

Gimme a kiss
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Like Fortune Cookies, Hershey's Kisses contain a little message. And like fortune cookies, you can change out the little message for your own, more personal message.

While we were engaged, my sweetie gave me a pack of Hershey Kisses that she had personalized. It was so much fun to receive and to read all the fun, thoughtful and goofy things she had written. We kept those little messages for a long time after.

The procedure is simple to follow, the trick is to be careful as you go.
First, get a bag of kisses and CAREFULLY make a small opening in one end. Extract one kiss and practice opening it so that you can keep the foil nice for rewrapping. Also, keep the kisses paper to use a guide. Now eat that kiss.

Second, write on a sheet of paper a bunch of fun, thoughtful, complimentary, goofy little sayings. Each should be the size of the kiss paper you took out of the first kiss. Now cut out each paper but don't let them blow away.

Next, carefully take a kiss out of the bag and unwrap it. Replace the standard kiss paper with one of your own. Now, with equal care, rewrap the kiss and set it aside. Should you accidentally tear the foil, go ahead the evidence. You don't have to eat the foil unless you like that sort of thing.

Once you have done all the kisses you are going to do, remove any remaining kisses from the bag and eat them. Now carefully insert your romantically enhanced kisses back into the bag and seal the opening.

Present the kisses to your sweetheart. If your sweetie is not very observant, you might need to drop a hint so that all your hard work does not go unnoticed.


Tasha said…
Wow. That is great. I shall try that:)
Tasha said…
Wow! That is great! I shall try that:)
Anonymous said…
Welcome to Bluefish!

With all the kisses I'll be eating, I'll be having one heck of a stomachache! LOLZ!

I'll probably try this.

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