Valentine's Idea: Flowers

I know, I know.

There is nothing unique about giving flowers for Valentine's Day. Its is most standard, in the box gift to give. Floral arrangements cost a lot of money and die after a few days. The cost problem is even more pronounced at this time of year.

However, you can add a twist to the whole flower giving clique. It is possible to give flowers and be non-boring as well. You can even save a few bucks in the process.

First, consider giving some different arrangements. Add something to the flowers, like chocolate covered strawberries. Maybe include the flowers in a scavenger hunt. Deliver the flowers to your sweetheart's place of work. Use the flowers as dressing on the "real gift", such as a love letter.

Now cost. My sweetheart mentioned that Costco has 25 long stems with a vase for under $50.00. Shop around and look at non-traditional source like warehouse places. Also on the Internet you can get some discounts.

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Chandira said…
Hey, women (and some men I know) are always delighted to get flowers, no matter what they say. Great idea always.

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