Date Idea: Candlelight Dinner for Two

To add romance to a meal, try adding candlelight. We associate candlelight with special occasions so when you add candlelight to an ordinary meal, it becomes special. Of course, using the fine china, a table cloth and preparing a special meal (or getting take out) adds to the sense of romance. Don't forget to dress up, even though the meal is at home.

Why do we like fire? Whether it is the flicker of a candle, the warm glow of a camp fire or the blaze of a bonfire, most people love fire. The flicking flames add a dramatic flare to a meal. The dancing shadows add a sense of energy to the meal, a romantic dynamic if you will. The glimmer of the candle catches the eye while it casts a flattering glow upon your sweetheart. All these visual clues equate to an enhanced sense of wonder and mystery.

Everyone seems to look better in candlelight. Every notice how a flame seems to make your sweetheart's eyes twinkle as they smile? The natural light of a fire seems to draw out a natural beauty in the skin that is otherwise hidden under artificial lighting. A burning candle seems to put people in a better mood, which makes them smile more.

A candlelight dinner is wonderful as a couple only activity. If you can't have the house yourselves, maybe you can arrange it somewhere else, or even outdoors. Also, a special candlelight dinner can be fun for the whole family.


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