Date Idea: GPS Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have been discussed in a previous post on Valentines Scavenger Hunts. With new technology, we can up date the scavenger hunt by using a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver. A GPS can tell you within 10 feet where you are anywhere on earth. They have a lot of uses and can be real fun.

For the scavenger hunt, get the GPS position for several memorable places from your courtship and marriage. Examples include where your first date was, where you first kissed, where you were married, and your favorite restaurant. Once you have the location of each place, there are several ways to do the scavenger hunt.
  • Leave your sweetie the GPS and a note to go to the first location. At that location, have another note directing them to the second location and so on. Be waiting at the last location which could be a restaurant, theater or even back home.
  • Do the same as above, but rather than having each location be some spot from your past, make each location part of the evening. Give them a list of locations and what to do there. The list would be:
    • Location 1: get flowers
    • Location 2: get dessert
    • Location 3: get dinner (have it pre-ordered)
    • Location 4: get romantic (be waiting here)
  • Give you sweetie the list of places to go and the GPS and let them navigate while you drive. Make them give you directions; pretend you don't know where you are supposed to turn. The list of locations could be memorable places from your marriage or part of a progressive date: restaurant, theater, dessert, home.
Mr Obvious says: make sure sweetie knows how to use GPS before sending them alone on a scavenger hunt. Also, have some way for sweetie to contact you in case of getting lost.


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