No Strings Attached

Do something for your sweetie with "no strings attached". Let me give you an example of "strings attached". First, the wife cooks the husband's favorite dinner to butter him up so she can ask him to take her shopping. Also, the husband get very helpful with the chores so the wife will feel better about him going out with the guys. Admittedly, these are stereotypical examples but they help to illustrate the point. The point being that we often try to manipulate our sweetie by doing things for them so they will do something for us.

When we do things this way, what happens?
  • Your sweetheart feels manipulated. They will begin to start asking, "What is it now?" every time you try and do something nice for them.
  • You will feel that your sweetie owes you the thing you want. If they don't give you what you want you will feel cheated.
  • It works to douse the romantic flame of the marriage.
Now, consider doing something special without any expectation in return. Cook his favorite meal, just because he likes it. Help with the chores just to be helpful.

Don't forget to smile to show you really love your sweetheart, even if you don't enjoy the task. Remember to keep special things special.


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