Go With Him Twain

In Matthew 5:41 it says:
41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.
This is often referred to as "going the extra mile". Do more than is necessary or asked of you.

How does this apply to romance in marriage? There are several aspects that could be explored, but a simple example will suffice for today. I am serving as "Toastmast" in the Toastmasters club I meet with. With St. Patricks day, I decided to decorate the room with a pile of gold coin candy.

My sweetheart was headed to the store and asked if I needed anything. I mentioned that if she came across some of those candies to pick them up for me. Well, she was at the store for quite a bit longer than I had expected. Turns out she had to go to half a dozen stores to find the candies. She also got other St. Patricks day decorations for me to use.

Thanks sweetie! You are great at going with me twian.


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