Anticipating Star Wars

I was reading in the paper about some of the people camped out for a week in line to see the latest Star Wars. Its been wet here lately so that have had to camp out in the rain. There were even some families there, with all the kids. When asked why they were doing it, they responded that this is the last time, the end of an era. It was something the family would remember for a long time.

Although Star Wars may not be your thing, do something to make some memories. Family vacations or the romantic getaway are good memory makers. Sitting in line for Star Wars and meeting new people in the process also seems to work.

There are lots of other opportunities to make lasting memories. Most community and charitable organizations need volunteers. Even if you can't sing or act, the local theater could use stage crew help. Maybe take a class together. The city is registering for their summer program. Maybe a dance class or a dutch-oven cooking class together.


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