Date Idea: Visit an Art Museum or Gallery

I went on a business trip to get some training in Chicago. Unfortunately, my sweetie was not able to come so I had to spend my evenings alone in a strange city. One of my friends had told me about the Art Institute of Chicago, so I decided to go see it one evening. I found out that on Tuesday admission is free thanks to the generous support of Ford Motor Company. What a great evening I spent there. From the Art of Flight exhibit to the ancient armor and the paintings. It was a really enjoyable time. I just wish my sweetie could have shared it with me.

Of course not everyone lives in Chicago, I know I don't. But most places have art galleries and museums. Colleges and universities often have art displays and even some traveling exhibits. Even one of the malls here in town had a traveling Titanic exhibit here for a while. Another bonus is that you can often get in free or very cheap.


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