Caramel Apples

With it being fall, apples are in season. What better way to spend
some time together than with caramel apples? They are a delightful
treat, not too sweet and mostly good for you. There are several ways
to enjoy them.

  • Go to one of the "gourmet" candy places in town together. They
    usually have gourmet caramel apples in a variety a of flavors that
    they will will cut into slices for you. Be bold, be daring, pick a
    flavor have never tried and share it together. These candy stores are
    often in a shopping mall so the apple can be a part of an evening of
    holding hands, window shopping, laughing and trying something new.
  • Pick up a gourmet caramel apple on the way home and surprise your
    sweetie. Take turns sharing and feeding each other.
  • At most grocery stores they have caramel apple kits in the fruit
    department by the apples. These include sheets of caramel and sticks.
    Basically you wrap the apple with the caramel, harpoon it with the
    stick and nuke it for a few seconds. Try buying one each of several
    varieties of apples and have a taste test of which variety makes the
    best treat.


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