Make 'em Laugh

Do you remember "Singing in the Rain"? The "Make 'em Laugh" scene is
one of the most memorable of the movie. One of the reasons that the
movie holds up so well is that in today's world of movie-magic and
computer effects, is that that scene of dancing and slap-shtick is still a joy
to watch. I just laugh and say, "How did he do that?"
Maybe I should have included "Singing in the Rain" in the romantic
movies post, but I digress.

Tonight, make your sweetie have a good laugh. While jokes are good
for a laugh, a personal anecdote is better. Better yet is
recalling an experience that you have shared like the time during
your honeymoon when the the waitress looked at you and exclaimed
"Slob!". Then she came back and said "Keep it on you plate or in your
mouth!". That one still makes us both bust-up laughing whenever we think about it.


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