Fortune Cookie Game

Prepare a a bunch of small, fortune cookie size, strips of paper with
sayings like:
* Tell what you find most attractive about your sweetie.
* Express gratitude for something your sweetie has done
* If you could go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be?
* You are going to be stranded an island together, what would you take?

Be creative. The "fortunes" should be about hopes, dreams and
aspirations. Also they need to include suggestions on giving a
compliment and also to remember shared moments together.

Then, for each "fortune", take a fortune cookie and wrap it in a damp
paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds. Quickly and carefully open
the softened cookie, remove the original fortune and replace it with
your own fortune. Reshape and hold the cookie until it gets hard

Now spend some time together as a couple taking turns opening the
fortune cookies and doing as the fortune directs. This can be a lot
of fun for just the couple or for the whole family.


Anonymous said…
I tried it, and ended up burning the cookie a bit. I guess next time I need to get the paper towel more damp or put it in for less time.

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