I Treasure You Chest

Get a small recipe card box. Decorate and personalize it for your
sweetie. Inside place a single index card that says something like,
"This is an 'I Treasure You Chest' where you can store your 'treasure
cards'. Each card tells how much I treasure you".

Then, every so often leave an index card somewhere where your sweetie
will find it. On the card write a little something. It could be the
line from a song, a thank you for something your sweetie did, a
verse from the Bible, a quote on love, line from a movie or just your
own special thought. One fun idea is to spread a poem over several
cards. Make some serious and some funny. Your sweetie can place all
the cards in the "I Treasure You Chest" and can read over them
whenever they feel a need for a boost.

For a nice addition, you can get small stickers that say "I Love You"
or are in the shape of a heart. Place a sticker on each card before
hiding it or delivering it.


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