Tell Her About It

People forget. Emotionally, everyone lives in the present. The past
is gone and cannot be changed. The future is a long way off. The
only real existence, at an emotional level, is now. Keep this in
mind while considering romance with your sweetie.

Billy Joel

sings a song called "Tell Her About It". Mostly one would not seek
advice from pop music on relationships, unless its bad advice you
seek. The theme of this song goes right to the point though. Even if
you have told your sweetie many, many times that you love them, they
still need to hear it again and often. Emotionally we think "Sure,
you said you loved me yesterday, but what about today?". Is it
logically? No. Does it make sense? No.

Unless you remember that emotions don't deal with the past very well.
Its the higher areas of reasoning that understand the more abstract
concepts of time. But, emotions tend to overrule reasons. So even
though your sweetie "knows" you love them, they might not "feel" loved
at the moment. Feeling almost always takes precedence over knowing.

Help you sweetie know you love them by letting them feel loved by you.
In other words, "Tell Her About It".


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