Thursday, December 21, 2006

Final 'Harry Potter' title announced - Yahoo! News

Final 'Harry Potter' title announced - Yahoo! News: "If you go to her home page, click on the eraser and you will be taken to a room — you'll see a window, a door and a mirror.

In the mirror, you'll see a hallway. Click on the farthest doorknob and look for the Christmas tree. They click on the center of the door next to the mirror and a reef appears. Then click on the top of the mirror and you'll see a garland.

Look for a cobweb next to the door. Click on it, and it will disappear. Now, look at the chimes in the window. Click on the second chime to the right, and hold it down. The chime will turn into the key, which opens the door. Click on the wrapped gift behind the door, then click on it again and figure out the title yourself by playing a game of hangman."

BTW: It is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My previous posting was in error. Thanks for helping me out, commenter.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Gifts for 2006

Here are some interesting gift ideas for both husband and wife. the list tries to focus on gifts that are fun, out of the ordinary and either inexpensive or on sale.

For Him:

For Her:

For the kids:

Unity and Friendship in Marriage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has put together a page of resources that encourage together a page of resources that encourage u
unity and friendship in marriage. There are 8 articles listed, summarized below.

Check them out and let me know in the comments what you found most helpful in your relationship with your sweetie.

Unity and Friendship in Marriage


'The Enriching of Marriage'
James E. Faust, Ensign, Nov. 1997, 9-11
The scriptures themselves warn that we cannot endure on borrowed light; if we do not have self-light, we will not stand.

'That We May Be One'
Henry B. Eyring, Ensign, May 1998, 66-68
The Savior of the world spoke of that unity and how we will have our natures changed to make it possible.

'Friendship: A Gospel Principle'
Marlin K. Jensen, Ensign, May 1999, 64-65
If we truly want to be tools in the hands of our Heavenly Father in bringing to pass His eternal purposes, we need only to be a friend.

'Oneness in Marriage'
Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Mar. 1977, 3-5
Sweethearts should realize before they take the vows that each must accept literally and fully that the good of the little new family must always be superior to the good of either spouse.

'Making a Marriage Work'
Hugh W. Pinnock, Ensign, Sept. 1981, 33-37
My comments are directed to those of you who will dedicate an important part of your earthly life to making your marriage succeed.

'The Pitfalls of Parallel Marriage'
Charles B. Beckert, Ensign, Mar. 2000, 22-25
If they're not careful, couples sometimes end up living separate lives in the same home. Here are some proven ways to avoid this trap.

'Dating at Home'
Geok Lee Thong, Ensign, Aug. 1998, 56-57
We have found that dating each other is about finding ways to spend time together and about taking time to build and nourish each other.

'Kindness, Goodwill, Generosity'
Milly Day, Ensign, Jan. 1998, 70-71
Such old-fashioned words, but what meaning they bring to love."